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Words just cannot express how I feel right now. I’m overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Thank you, Cassie, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. It means the world to me! You are amazing. Readers, do check out her blog at


Uncharted Course of Vision – My Journey of Blogging 

I started blogging in 2016. My first blogging venture was “Indian Soul Factory” – a simple, but elegant blog intended to motivate people and to help them cope up with their everyday struggles. Within a span of one year, I was able to post only 5-6 articles. I was struggling with the content, timelines, expectations of the readers and what not! Honestly, I just was not able to feel the connection between my desire to write and my blog. So, eventually, I decided to shut it down.

A couple of months ago, I was made the convener of the quiz society of my college. I was always interested in researching about various things and enhance my knowledge in almost all fields. I used to participate in all types of quizzes, whether business, fandom, IT, or general. I love quizzing, honestly. One day, it just occurred to me – how about I start a blogging venture and post unknown facts about the things people are already familiar with. Both of my interests were taken care of, apparently. So, I decided to start another blog – The Fact Hunter. I started researching on various things such as common practices, famous political movements and developments, and tourist spots, etc. It was going pretty well. In fact, you are currently exploring “The Fact Hunter” only. I renamed my blog from “The Fact Hunter” to “Uncharted Course of Vision” a couple of days ago. Why? I just thought it was time to broaden my vision. Now, I want this blog to be about everything. Like literally everything. I don’t know whether I’ll succeed or not, but I just don’t want to stop trying.

My journey has just started. My boat is yet to reach its destination. And, I just can’t wait to reach there! Only your love and support can help me fulfill my goals. Only your love and support can help me discover myself. So, stay awesome and keep reading my blog. Haha!

Advice for New Bloggers:

Write to express. You can seek help from “n” number of bloggers to decide what should be the niche of your blog. You can share your blog posts everywhere. You can even join all those Traffic Booster groups, but at the end of the day what matters the most is whether or not you’re enjoying writing for your blog. Don’t start a blog just for the sake of it. Your blog should be able to convey your feelings. It should be able to convey who you really are.


Don’t stop. If writing is, indeed, your passion, then do everything you can to follow it. Writing is an amazing activity. It can become your companion that can help you to express your thoughts and feelings. Join this amazing journey and get lost in the midst of joy and happiness that it brings.

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Stay Awesome, Keep Writing!



I Hope You’ll Notice The Sunshine

Close your eyes, look into your past
you’ll know how strong you’ve been all this time
Close your eyes, look into your future
you know everything is going to be alright

Look at that beautiful sunshine
follow its rays of hope this time
It will lead you away from all the mines
and take you where you want to go
a place where only you decide how you flow

One step more, one step at a time
you’ve got to let yourself row your boat, God’s child
Let your determination chart the course
that isn’t haunted by all the agonies of remorse

Go high, go long!
Row that boat all day, all night long
Your determination will heal all the scars
if you let your free body flow
Go high, go long!
Row that boat all day, all night long
Show the world how strong you really are
Let your free body flow

But remember! These words mean nothing

If you fail to notice the sunshine,
If you fail to stop asking yourself why
If you fail to feel the power of hope
Running in your veins,
Running back and forth

I can only hope
that you’ll notice the sunshine
that you’ll listen to your heart this time
that you’ll let yourself define
who you really are
what you really want to be

I hope you will notice the beautiful sunshine.

Where’s Your Reason?

Behind your back, people are talking
away from your vision, they are prowling
Waiting for the perfect opportunity to mock you
waiting for the perfect opportunity to destroy
destroy every piece of your soul

They try to fill your world with all the lies
you can’t escape, there is no place where you can hide
They try to suck you into this deadly vortex
they treat you like a slave, like a useless pest

They try to turn your world upside-down
they want to enslave you,
they want to bring you down
Behind your back, people are talking
living in vain, they are good for nothing

Is this how you’re going to spend the rest of your life?
Is this how it ends?

Throw the mask of sanity if you’re going insane
raise your voice out loud, they all are to blame
benighted by lies, misguided by their own ideals
surrounded by all the evil, growing on your fear

Find a reason to believe in!
A reason so strong
that it will break the chains of fear
you’ve been carrying for so long
Find a reason to believe in.

Keep Calm and Carry On: What It Was v/s What It Is Now

World War II. According to Wikipedia, World War II was “the deadliest military conflict in absolute terms of total casualties”. Perhaps, the darkest time in human history. Over 60 million people were killed by the most lethal forces – evils of the society. The statistics, however, vary greatly, with estimates of total deaths ranging from 50 million to more than 80 million. The highest figure of 80 million includes deaths from war-related diseases and famine. While military deaths, including deaths in captivity of about 5 million P.O.W, totaled 21 to 25 million, the number of civilians killed totaled 50 to 55 million.


In the midst of this dreadful period of wars that claimed an incalculable number of lives and left lakhs of people homeless, the British government was struggling to boost the morale of its loyal citizens, who were threatened with widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities. How could they give people a ray of hope that everything was going to be alright when hundreds of innocent souls were getting killed every day? How could they give people an assurance that their brothers would come back home soon? These questions kept on knocking the doors of the British government every day, every hour, every second. In 1939, they finally figured out a way to contain the situation across the country.

The British government sought help from the Ministry of Information (MOI), a United Kingdom government department which was created briefly at the end of the First World War and again during the Second World War. It was formed as central government department which was responsible for publicity and propaganda. During the period of 27th June to 6th July 1939, the Ministry designed the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters. It was produced as a part of three “Home Publicity” posters – “Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory” & “Freedom Is In Peril/Defend It With All Your Might”. Each poster showed the slogan under a representation of a “Tudor Crown” – a widely used symbol in the heraldry of the United Kingdom.

The Ministry of Information undertook the task of large-scale printing of the posters, printing about 2,50,000 copies between 23rd August 1939 and 3rd September 1939. However, the posters were never officially sanctioned for immediate public display. The officials were not able to decide whether the posters were too patronizing. Moreover, they could not settle on an appropriate time to hang the posters. Eventually, it was decided to keep them in “cold storage” and use them after serious air raids. Copies of “Keep Calm and Carry On” were retained until April 1940, but stocks were then recycled as a part of the wider Paper Salvage campaign and the remainder of the publicity campaign was canceled following criticism of its cost and impact. The campaign could not see the light of the day and it remained obscure to the good citizens of Britain, to the whole world for that matter.


It would have been lost forever, but we all know the forces of nature work in mysterious ways. In 2000, around 61 years later, the posters revealed themselves to the world – all credit goes to Stuart Manley, the unsung agent of the Almighty who discovered the posters when he was sorting through a box of used books that he bought from an auction. He framed it and hung it up by the cash register; it attracted so much interest that Manley began to produce and sell copies of the posters. The design rapidly began to be used as the theme for a wide range of products.

Apparently, the posters are now used in an entirely different context. Thanks to the internet and the smart asses using it, the posters have become a part of the meme culture. Who could have thought that a simple poster, which is used to make memes nowadays, was intended to be used during the period of war to help people rise above the most catastrophic agents of evil – hate and war?

A Shadow Is Following Me

A shadow is following me
it’s trying to get inside of me
A shadow is following me
what am I supposed to do?

I look forward, the shadow is there
I look back, the shadow is there
I try to run, I try to hide
it is a bad dream, I close my eyes

I look at the mirror, the shadow is there
stronger than ever, it is everywhere
The shadow keeps smiling at me,
is it a bad dream or a figment of reality?

What is going on?
Why are you here, shadow?
it is time to weep, weep in sorrow
The shadow replied
As if it could see my sins I was trying to hide

Forgive me, shadow
Show some mercy
Forgive me, shadow
I will confess to the Almighty

You did a terrible thing, the shadow said
I am sorry, shadow, I was scared
You are a liar, you are fraud
Save me! Save me, oh mighty Lord

You are weak, you are a disgrace
There were your dreams,
but you chose to run in this endless race
You’re unique, God gave you those wings
to fly high, not to tie them up with strings

It is time to wake up, the shadow said
it is time to rise, my conscience confessed
Rise! Rise! Rise! Spread your wings
Go! Go! Go! Go, follow your dreams



Bane’s Prison – The Pit and Where To Find It: Unveiling The Location of “The Worst Hell on Earth”

“There’s a reason why this prison is the worst hell on Earth. Hope. Every man who has rotted here over the centuries has looked up to the light and imagined climbing to freedom. So easy, so simple. And like shipwrecked men turning to sea water from uncontrollable thirst, many have died trying. I learned here that there can be no true despair without hope.”
– Bane

Located in an ancient part of the world, the Pit is a prison which is commonly referred to as “the worst Hell on Earth”. Why? Because it gives people hope to attain freedom, freedom from the worst of tortures and at the same time, destroys every hope of becoming free. It destroys every hope of becoming the master of your life! It is a hell-hole where men are thrown to suffer and die.


The Pit features an empty well, which the prisoners can use in order to attempt their escape. Many have tried, many have failed. Nobody has ever managed to escape from this hell-hole. But the Pit did send someone back to this free world we live in. A survivor, an agent of chaos. The legend is a child, a mercenary’s child, had managed to escape from the prison. While the other inmates normally used a rope, while making the jump, in order to keep themselves safe, the child, on the other hand, made the jump without using the rope, causing the fear of dying to give her the adrenaline, beyond the capabilities of a human being, she needed to make the jump.

Then make the climb. How? As the child did. Without the rope. Then fear will find you again.

Relax! The prison is not real. The so-called “worst hell on Earth” that you saw in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, is Mehrangarh Fort. Located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Mehrangarh Fort is one of the oldest forts in India. The foundation of the fort was laid in 1460 by Jodha of Mysore, Rao Jodha, on a rocky hill 9 kilometres to the south of Mandore. This hill was popularly known as Bhaurcheeria, the mountain of birds.


The legend is Rao Jodha, in order to build the fort, had to displace the hill’s sole occupant, a hermit called Cheeria Nathji, the Lord of Birds. Upset at being forced to move, Cheeria Nathji cursed Rao Jodha with “Jodha! May your citadel ever suffer a scarcity of water!”. Rao Jodha managed to appease the hermit by building a house and a temple in the fort very near the cave the hermit had used for meditation, though only to the extent that even today the area is plagued by a drought every 3 to 4 years.

Jodha then took an extreme measure to ensure that the new site proved propitious; he buried a man called “Raja Ram Meghwal” alive in the foundations. “Raja Ram Meghwal” was promised that in return his family would be looked after by the Rathores. To this day his descendants still live in Raj Bagh, “Raja Ram Meghwal’s” Garden, an estate bequeathed them by Jodha. Rao Jodha then invited the famous female Hindu warrior sage of Charan caste, Shri Karni Mata, to lay down the foundation stone of the Mehrangarh Fort and the same was carried out by her.

Today only the forts of Bikaner and Jodhpur remain in the hands of Rathores, both had their foundation stone laid by Shri Karni Mata. All other Rajput forts of Rajasthan were abandoned for some or the other reasons by the respective clans. Only the Rathores of Jodhpur and Bikaner have their forts with them till date. This fact is considered a miracle by the local population and is attributed to Shri Karni Mata.


Amazing, isn’t it? A fictional place which was shown in a movie and the actual location of that place, both have such wonderful history! If you ever get the chance to come to India, make sure Mehrangarh Fort is in your list of the places that you would visit! It is one hell of a tourist attraction.

Awkward Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich – The Main Architect of the Holocaust

Reinhard Heydrich (7 March 1904 – 4 June 1942) was one of the most notorious Nazi Germany officials; Hitler, himself, described Heydrich as the “man with the iron heart”. He was one of the main architects of the Holocaust, the world-famous genocide in which more than six million European Jews were brutally killed by, perhaps, the darkest figure within the Nazi Elite, the Fuhrer, himself. Due to his brutal efficiency, Heydrich was nicknamed the Butcher of Prague, the Blond Beast and the Hangman. The kind of person, Hitler was attracted to.

Just like ruthlessness of Hitler ultimately led to his own downfall, Reinhard Heydrich, too, died in a similar way. In 1942, British Intelligence teamed up with the Czech Resistance to execute “Operation Anthropoid” and take Heydrich out of the equation. The operation was commenced by Frantisek Moravec, head of Czech Intelligence Services, with the knowledge and approval of Edvard Benes, head of Czechoslovak government in exile in Britain. The task of assassinating Heydrich fell upon Jan Kubis and Jozef Gabcik.

They decided to execute Heydrich of 27 May 1942. That day, Gabcik and Kubis assembled their Sten Machine Gun and positioned themselves at a slow turn of the country road that Heydrich regularly took and waited until his car came into view. As Heydrich’s car slowed to take the turn, Gabcik stepped in front of the vehicle and took aim and tried to open fire with his machine gun, but nothing happened as the gun was stuck with rabbit food. Heydrich could have avoided the assassination, but his ruthless mentality did not allow him to escape. Instead of ordering his driver to speed up and send troops to get Gabcik and Kubis, he ordered him to stop the car. The Nazi commander pulled out his Luger pistol and opened fire at his would-be assassins. Guess what? the gun was empty!

With both Heydrich and Gabcik stuck pointing completely useless guns at each other, Kubis seized the opportunity to lob a bomb at his car. As you may have already deduced, this plan did not work either as Kubis mistimed his throw. The explosion failed to finish of Heydrich and his driver, merely injuring them and Kubis himself. Following the explosion, the two brave soldiers, Gabcik and Kubis, tried to fire at Heydrich with their Colt M1903 pistols, but, obviously, failed to hit him, as they were shocked by the explosion as well.

Heydrich staggered out of the car, apparently unaware of his shrapnel injuries, returned fire, and tried to chase Gabcik, but he soon collapsed. His driver returned from his abortive attempt to chase Kubis, who fled the scene by bicycle. Heydrich ordered his driver to chase Gabcik on foot, saying “Get that bastard!”. He chased him into a butcher shop, where Gabcik shot him twice with his pistol, severely wounding him in the leg, and then escaped to a local safe house via tram.

Even though Kubis and Gabcik were not successful in taking Heydrich out of the equation, the assassination attempt was still successful. Apparently, Heydrich succumbed to his injuries, that occurred during the explosion, as nobody nearby was willing to offer help to him. Infuriated by Heydrich’s death, Hitler ordered the arrest and execution of 10,000 randomly selected Czechs. But after consultations with Karl Hermann Frank, he dropped the idea.

Hitler ordered a quick investigation. Intelligence falsely linked the assassins to the towns of Lidice and Ležáky. A Gestapo report stated that Lidice, 22 kilometres (14 mi) north-west of Prague, was suspected as the assailants’ hiding place because several Czech army officers, then in England, had come from there and the Gestapo found a resistance radio transmitter in Ležáky. On 9 June, after discussions with Himmler and Karl Hermann Frank, Hitler ordered brutal reprisals. Over 13,000 people were arrested, deported, and imprisoned. Beginning on 10 June, all males over the age of 16 in the villages of Lidice and Ležáky were murdered. All the women in Ležáky were also murdered.

All but four of the women from Lidice were deported immediately to Ravensbrück concentration camp (four were pregnant – their unborn babies were forcibly aborted at the same hospital where Heydrich had died and the women were then sent to the concentration camp). Some children were chosen for Germanization, and 81 were killed in gas vans at the Chełmno extermination camp. Both towns were burned and Lidice’s ruins were levelled and at least 1,300 people were massacred after Heydrich’s death.